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Mobile app development has become one of the top tasks among a majority of IT professionals and it is one of the most discussed topics over technology forums as well. There are many books and websites which present plethora of useful and informative stuff to help the mobile app developers. One can easily find valuable information about how to create the most engaging and top-selling mobile apps, but what most of the experts ignore is the vital discussion about the common pitfalls of this field. Most of us know what to do in order to create an interesting and engaging app, but might not be aware of what not to do in developing a useful and user-oriented app.
Here are some significant points, which must not be ignored while developing an Android mobile app.

Packing an app with too many features

One of the most common temptations the developer experience, especially the amateur app developers is overloading their app with a number of incredible features. Being an app developer, you would have to understand that what is the purpose of your app and you must only work on features that compliment the purpose of the app rather than making it over-useful. Simplicity is the key. If your app only has a few features, but all of them work wonderfully well in enhancing the usefulness of the app, you can expect your app to do well.

Using UI elements from other app development platforms

Android is an extensive and an extremely wide-ranging mobile app development platform. So, when you are developing an app for Android, it is advisable only to use the UI elements that Android possesses, instead of using UI elements from other mobile platforms. If you are developing an Android app, its general design should belong to Android only.

Creating app for only one screen size

Today, mobile and computing devices are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Innovation is in trend and thus, various mobile and tablet companies are experimenting with the dimensions of the device to attract the users. A majority of mobile devices today are powered by Android, thus, if you are developing an Android app for only one specific screen size. Such won’t be able to scale correctly on the different devices with varied screen sizes, and may be disliked by the end users. So, it is really important that your app is capable of adapting to various screen sizes, and supports screen rotation & landscape orientation.

Ignoring the security aspect

Whether you are developing a mobile app for Android or for any other mobile platform, security is one of the most vital aspects which need your consideration. The enterprise oriented apps gives the users access to sensitive and imperative business information. Also, mobile devices more often than not get stolen or lost. In such scenarios, your app should be able to showcase the highest levels of security and stand up firmly for the sternest standards of scrutiny.
These were some essential points that must not be overlooked while developing Android mobile apps.