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Digital marketing has become the most popular form of marketing, and in context of digital marketing, there has always been an ongoing debate about social media marketing is a better than Email marketing, or vice-versa.
Well, both these digital marketing strategies have their own pros and cons, and these work best when used together. But if we talk about which one of these better, research shows that the old fashioned traditional Email marketing was and is still far more effective and efficient as compared to its social media counterpart for attracting potential customers to the businesses online.
Though, social media has become an integral part of our daily life and we connect with for various reasons. Social media has a great potential and you must use it effectively in your digital marketing campaigns in order to generate good results but as far as the best internet marketing solution is concerned, you must not put it ahead of your email marketing.
A predictive analytics firm, Custora discovered that the customer acquisition through Email marketing has quadrupled in the last 4 years.
Here are some vital factors which make email marketing the most significant form of digital marketing.

Higher number of accounts

If we compare the number of user accounts of Email users with that of social media platforms, Email possesses nearly three times the number of users that Twitter and Facebook combined possess. In fact, there are a very large number of emails which are sent and received on the daily basis. Thus, the reach of email is much higher than the reach of social media networks. Certainly, it can bring much better results that social media.

Quality vs Quantity

Well, if you are thinking that if just by having more number of user accounts, email becomes a better choice, then you are not right. Though, higher numbers of email accounts are certainly a plus point, but quality also matters. Email is more of a personal account and we mostly give a brief glance at all the emails that are sent to us (Except spam). Therefore, the possibility of getting an email read is much higher than the social media message, which makes email the better alternative as compared to social media networks.

Email is more professional medium

I don’t think that anybody would disagree if I say Email sounds more formal and professional as compared to a social media platform. While we related emails to our work and professional life, social media are a part of our casual life where we spend time only to relax. So, an email has more chances of getting significance than a social media advertisement.
All the above factors prove the significance and imperativeness of using an Email marketing campaign over a social media one. Certainly, Emails can yield better results and can deliver higher ROIs.
But this does not mean that you can completely depend on e-mails as your marketing tool. You have to use all the tools together to achieve success in the digital marketing landscape.