Odoo (formerly OpenERP)


“Our Odoo (formerly OpenERP) solutions seamlessly integrate applications across different technologies and platforms to enhance profitability and productivity”

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has become a necessity and it keeps on becoming increasingly critical with the growth in business. The continuously evolving customer requisites, more complex supply chains and emerging global markets need a more integrated and planned approach towards enterprise-wide data and resources.

Today, numerous organizations prefer using ERP to save the time that needs to spend in order to derive useful data from information at hand and instead, they focus on the other value-adding activities that must be performed to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. The right ERP solutions in your organization can address various challenges pertaining to changing economics, acquisitions and mergers, evolving customer expectations, shifting industry trends and cost management.

Crea8s is a full service OpenERP services company that offers a wide range of ERP solutions that can aid your organization with flexible and agile operational management infrastructure for businesses spread across industries to seize newer growth opportunities.

Benefits of ERP

  • Gives you control over the most-intensive corporate functions of your organization
  • By taking a unified approach towards quality management, ERP improves your asset utilization
  • Manages all sorts of physical assets throughout the asset lifecycle
  • Connects you to partners, suppliers and customers efficiently
  • Process information accurately and effectively to propose potential solutions to enterprise problems
  • Satisfies regulatory requisites for financial reporting
  • Facilitates revenue and order tracking, and sales forecasting

At Crea8s, we offer affordable OpenERP services and solutions, as we possess years of experience in OpenERP technologies. Our methodologies provide us an underlying ERP framework to ensure that each ERP project that we undertake adheres to the principles, practices and guidelines important for successful implementation of ERP.

To meet and manage our clients’ requirements, we possess a highly experienced and trained team of ERP professionals who are extensively qualified for executing and managing ERP software implementation and transformation projects. Our consultants leverage proven and technology-agnostic methodologies, research findings and experience to transform each ERP initiative a resounding success.

We Follow a 360 Degree Approach

Rather than emphasizing only a specific aspect of ERP implementation, we follow a 360 degree approach. We don’t just take the responsibility on implementing OpenERP solutions, but also take post-implementation care. Our ERP consultants will always be there to help you whenever you need their assistance even after the execution and implementation of the project is over. They possess a profound and strong understanding of the OpenERP technology and how to manage the critical success factors in order to improvise the business.

Being one of the leading OpenERP services company, we spend ample time in order to develop a thorough understanding of each client’s unique technology and business requisites, and provide outstanding customized solutions that will work perfectly for their organization. Our OpenERP implementation and integration methodologies speed up the time to value delivery, as we incorporate the most appropriate analytics for real-time decision making.

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