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What is Google Hummingbird and What digital marketers can do about it?

While Hummingbird has become a much discussed topic, not many people clearly understand it yet and are unaware of the benefits that it can offer in the field of digital and content marketing. Google calls this new algorithm Hummingbird, because it is fast and precise. Due to this new algorithm, the digital marketers need to make few changes in their marketing strategies in order to serve their customers in the best possible manner.
What used to happen earlier was when you typed a search term in the Google’s search box, you were presented results on the basis of an individual search of the words, but now when you type the search term, this new algorithm gives profound emphasis to the overall search phrase and strives to decipher the deeper meaning of your search query instead of searching for the individual words. This algorithm possesses a better understanding of the usage of human language and does not consider the search term as a few scattered words. Well, we can consider this new algorithm as an advancement of the internet as it makes searches much more human friendly than they have ever been.
Another vital aspect of this new algorithm is that, it very cleverly links the queries and instead of starting your searches from scratch every time, it connects your queries and shows you more pertinent information pertaining to your previous and current search.

Hummingbird and Digital Marketing

In the digital marketing scenario, only change is constant and adapting to change is imperative. Google has always stressed on developing algorithms which emphasize on filtering out black hat SEO and low quality copied contents. Now Hummingbird is something different. It focuses on queries and takes them as questions. So, one needs to alter the digital marketing strategies in order to adapt to the changes introduced by this newer powerful algorithm.
With Hummingbird, Google strives to foresee not just your next search but the searches, you might make in the future as a typical consumer. Thus, being a content marketer, you now need to think about why people are searching for something, instead of what they are searching for. You have to foresee the questions that a customer might search for and have to design have to design your content strategy to answer the needs of your customers and not just focus on providing them with facts. You need to develop a unique digital marketing solution that answers the queries of your prospective customers. In short, you have to become the best answers to your customer’s query.

Keywords have always remained critical and imperative aspects of a well designed digital marketing solution and SEO strategy. Though, Hummingbird is not letting keywords go away completely, but you cannot depend only on keywords. You have to understand that what is going to matter more is the relationship between the concepts.

Summary: So, understanding the questions that your potential customers may have about your products and services has become more important than ever. So, being a digital marketer you have to strictly focus on creating content which anticipates these questions and provides meaningful & relevant answers to the customers.