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How one page checkout is good for your e-commerce websites?


Just like the supermarkets and superstores, online consumers are also looking for the shortest direct line always. But contrasting to the supermarket, a customer can easily leave your online web store with just a simple click of his mouse and hence making the entire checkout process decisive to your business’s success. A latest study suggested that an average internet shopping cart rejection rate is around 65.95%, hence making a streamlined smooth checkout progression a pinnacle priority for businesses with E-Commerce sites which leads to novel innovation: One Page Checkout; a robust stout E-Commerce software solution.
One Page Checkout is a user friendly checkout page for a smarter, faster checkout process for e-commerce websites. This progression makes use of AJAX in order to minimize any requirement to change or refresh pages. This progression has been a result of keeping the core need of an online shopper that everyone wants prompt transactions while nobody likes to waste their time. The numerous adventures of One Page Checkout have resulted in huge success of this procedure in the global front among e-commerce businesses. But still if confused why to chose One Page Checkout for your e-commerce website then take a look at some of the advantages of this progression as below-

Benefits of One Page Checkout for E-commerce websites

To make it wider clear how one page checkout is good for your e-commerce website, here is a list of the chief benefits your e-commerce site will enjoy from one page checkout-

  • Time is Money: This proverb fits perfectly to one page checkout for E-commerce websites since lesser the time a customer has to spend on going through lengthy checkouts will result in augmenting the sales. This ultimately results in boosting up the merchant’s bottom line.
  • No Surprises: One Page Checkout results in lowering down the customer friction since everything is available to be seen on one page for your customer.
  • Shorter Lines: Several usability tests and researches have suggested that a customer feels quite more compelled to complete a shorter checkout.
  • No Open Doors: As per usability tests, Multipage checkouts lead to additional clicks and hence more opportunities for a customer to leave.
  • Better Client Satisfaction: Studies from Google, Akamai, Bing and others have suggested that customers generally don’t tolerate slow loading pages and this factor is highly lessened by one page checkout. Plus a one page checkout also helps in making customer overall shopping experience a better & enhanced one augmenting the chance ofcustomers to come back next time as they say, “Take Care of your Customer & he will come back for sure”.

These are only few chief benefits of One Page Checkout for e-commerce websites.

Summary: So considering all such major benefits of the one page checkout is good for your e-commerce website, it is advisable to go for the same and the best way to do so is to get E-Commerce software solution from a well established and reliable E-commerce development company.
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