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“Want your business to Rule the Internet? Our Search Engine Marketing Services will assist you with your Dream”

The search engine giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo have today become the most elementary modes of searching and retrieving information. Many people use these to acquire information about the products and services that they need. Once TV used to be the best promotional medium, but today Internet’s popularity has surpassed the popularity of mediums like Print, Radio and TV. This has made Internet as the most preferred platform for organizations, businesses and brands. Thus, opting for “Search Engine Marketing” services for promoting your business can yield amazing results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also widely referred as Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. It is one of the most result-oriented techniques, where you place your advertisements on various websites through search engines and only pay to the website promoting your content, for the specific number of clicks which have been made on your advertisement by a prospective customer.

Why should you choose PPC to promote your business?

Some of the astounding benefits that PPC offers include:

  • Even if your company does not have a good search engine visibility, you can use PPC for attaining good online visibility. It delivers instant results.
  • It delivers maximum ROI, as you only spend for the actual clicks; none of your marketing budget gets wasted.
  • With PPC, even a small website owner can target an extensive number of keywords. While organic search shows only those keywords that appear on your website as well, PPC allows you to target as many keywords as you want.
  • You can reinforce branding and target remarketing with PPC
  • The best part of PPC is that you can easily get global exposure as you can choose the geographical area where you want your advertisements to show up.
  • PPC campaigns are effective & efficient as they ensure real time track ability

We work as per your Marketing Objectives

At Crea8s, we offer the most result-oriented and affordable SEM services. We believe in working as per your specifications and thus, our SEM Consultant working on your campaign executes the marketing campaign as per the marketing objectives defined by you and according to your company’s objectives.

Our professionals ensure that your PPC campaign gets executed the way you want it to be and contains the keywords that are specific to your business.

We offer the best SEM services

At Crea8s, we offer premium quality SEM services. Here are some distinguishing features of our SEM services:

  • User-targeted campaigns which have been specifically designed to showcase your business information in the most appealing manner.
  • We work on results oriented campaigns and thus, assure guaranteed results in shorter spans of time.
  • Our team of professionals possesses industry leading marketing experience.
  • We offer professional designs that are not only flawless, but are designed specifically by considering the users in mind
  • We offer unparalleled customer service, so whenever you face any difficulty or hassle with your marketing campaigns, you can contact our customer support team for resolving the issue

To know more, please contact us.

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Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

The process for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) management enables a client to gain market share at a profitable rate. Our SEM expertise will help you more effectively utilize online advertising and bring your business to the next level. No matter what size of the businesses, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has leveled the playing field in all markets. So if you are a valued brand, requiring the domination of the online marketplace, it helps by having premium listings with top search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and Bing. Your company can leverage on such big names in the online industry to get qualified leads and brand exposure to potential customer.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) advertising direct highly targted potential customer to your website which has proven to achieve high returns on investment (ROI). This method ensure companies are paying for advertisement that is cost effective. With the Internet rapid evolution, companies are able to reach the worldwide audience at a fraction of the cost. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has the flexible that allow companies to customize the type of markets to advertise. As for your online advertising campaigns, we can alter and make necessary changes to adapt to your target audience and constantly in sync with your business objectives. Such changes can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How we charge

We charge an affordable yearly pay per click management fee; and it’s not tied to your monthly spend. In short, we don’t gain from your monthly expenditure even your ad budget increase in those months. We’ve years of experience at outmaneuvering our clients competitors in the Pay-Per-Click arena. The pay per click management service keeps everything in check, the overall spending is normally less than one who managed their own account (usually less time to monitor the progress). We have years of experience at outmaneuvering pay-per-click bids from our clients’ competitors. It really makes sense if you get on with what you do best, and we get on with bringing you valuable leads through the search engines.

Defining your Search Engine Marketing Ad Campaign Details

At Crea8s, your marketing campaign details are critical to the success of your Search Engine Marketing Ad Campaign. Our search professionals will execute according to your marketing objectives and advice accordingly base on the following specification: Campaign Name

  • Campaign Budget
  • Campaign Duration
  • Campaign Objective
  • Target Industries
  • Target Demographics (E.g. Countries, Male/Female, Age Group)
  • Campaign Approach
  • Set-up, optimization, reporting, conversion tracking

How we operate on SEM Ad Management:

  • Keyword Building / Expansion: Produce specific keywords for targeted audience.
  • PPC Bid-management: Stay updated of any changes that will affect your campaign performance.
  • Custom Ad Copy: Ad copy is continuously split tested to assure maximum ROI..
  • Landing page: Users are directed to correlating pages within your website inline with their search inquiry.
  • Custom Banners: Banner campaigns are used on content related sites that have partnered with Google.
  • PPC Lead Generation: Our clients are looking for quality leads that can be turned into profitable returns.
  • Time Zone and Geographic Campaigns: Pinpoint campaigns down to certain regions in a Country.
  • Ad Campaign Data Analysis: Allows you to see what performance changes have been achieved.
  • Montly Ad Campaign Analysis Reports: An overall report to identify opportunities of the Ad Campaign.