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“Email Marketing has Ability that several Channels’ Lack: Ability to Create Significant, Personal Touches at Scale”

As the world is going digital, the ways of disseminating useful information are also changing. Earlier, many companies used to engage in print marketing but today, the strategy you need to succeed at your marketing initiatives is “Email marketing”. In email marketing we use emails as the medium to convey the promotions and newsletter advertisements to your existing as well as potential customers. Though, email marketing is one of the most successful ways of digital marketing, but to give your organization the optimum advantage of marketing, you must integrate email marketing with your overall marketing strategies.

We, at Crea8s, offer fully functional and comprehensive Email marketing services that reflect your brand, services and business values in the ideal manner. Our Email based marketing services aim at two major objectives – engaging new customers and maintaining existing ones. Thus, we send promotional bulk emails to develop a newer customer base and also keep on sending e-mails to existing customers about different promotions & loyalty schemes.

Our Email Marketing Campaigns emphasize on:

  • Customized and personalized e-mail delivery
  • Relevancy and right timing
  • Creative and attractive designing
  • Valuable content and striking offers
  • Better management of contacts
  • More results in lesser time

Some of the distinguishing features of the Email marketing services that we offer at Crea8s:

  • We help our clients by designing simple and clear marketing strategies that aid you to do things in a quicker manner.
  • You can also opt for automated marketing where we deliver automated emails to your contacts based on their requisites and actions. This brings better results while saving time and augmenting revenue considerably.
  • We send well designed emails to your customers that guarantee results and ensure high ROI.
  • We integrate your Email marketing campaigns with social media marketing, as these two works in perfect harmony. We use social marketing based triggers to generate instant campaign reactions.
  • We offer affordable services with unique results driven marketing technology.
  • We offer a superior level of consulting and support that you would not find anywhere else. We will always be available whenever you need us through a wide range of mediums including phone, email and live chat.

We believe in advancing with technology and thus, our product direction is constantly refined on the basis of latest technology trends and our users’ needs. Thus, we keep on refining our marketing strategies from time to time and indulge in up-to-the-minute technology deployments.

We, at Crea8s, take pride in helping our global clientele in improving their email marketing results and do not feel that these services should be made available at a high cost. We believe in doing more with email marketing within less time.

So, if you are looking for a team with email marketing expertise and want to avail the Email Marketing Services without paying a high cost, check out what we offer under our email marketing arena or Contact Us to know more.