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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a term which became extremely popular and useful in large organizations. It offered an astonishing set of benefits to these organizations related to the planning and optimum usage of resources. The only limitation to ERP is that it is applicable only in large organizations. But does this means that small and medium organizations have to suffer and cannot achieve optimum usage of resources.
Well, this is not the case in the current competitive marketplace as OpenERP has been introduced which is an open source ERP solution that is characterized by an extraordinary flexibility for adaptations and customizations, usage of agile development tools and an astounding architecture. OpenERP is specifically developed for small to medium level organizations which cannot deploy an ERP solution. OpenERP has benefited numerous organizations across varying industrial sectors by providing them an affordable, flexible and powerful OpenERP solution that covers their exhaustive enterprise needs.
OpenERP is quite easy to use and its web-based enriched user interface helps the employees of small to medium organizations in developing an instant insight about what they have to do. The best part is its accessible from any location and you no longer need to use different or specific vendor based software solutions for accomplishing the tasks. Since OpenERP covers a broad range of business processes, it eliminates the need to double-encode the information, as a variety of administrative tasks can be easily automated and their solutions can be scaled or extended by adding as many modules as you need and whenever you need.An ERP system has today become a critical tool for any organization where the core procedures are supported through software. There are various benefits of implementing an OpenERP solution in your organization to avoid a number of hassles.

The most prominent benefits of an OpenERP solution include:

  • It gives you a 360 degree view of the all the processes running in the company and helps to manage business strategies with higher potentials quite effectively.
  • OpenERP is an open source platform, and thus, it eliminates the dependence on a specific vendor. It’s easy to customize and potentially covers all the business areas.
  • An OpenERP solution saves the small and medium sized companies from paying huge sums of money as the licensing fees as the source code is open and they do not need to depend on a specific vendor.
  • OpenERP helps businesses to improve their margins and competitiveness by improving the visibility into the business operations and automating the processes.
  • OpenERP helps companies to develop valuable insights about the business processes and useful information about the best use of resources, which aids them in improving their bottom lines and ROIs significantly.

Though, there are innumerable benefits that OpenERP offers but in order to avail its optimum benefits, it’s important that you hire a reliable and efficient OpenERP company to complete its deployment and maintenance. Having an experienced OpenERP partner can solve out many problems that companies often face on a day to day basis.