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“We are among the leading ODOO POS system developers in Singapore offering technically advanced billing, inventory and account management solutions”

ODOO POS Systems are redefining the retail billing operations in a number of industries including restaurants, grocery stores, saloons, fast food chains and many more. Offering a broad array of business benefits and incredible control over the retail operations, POS systems, undoubtedly increase your profits, augment your operational efficiency while fine tuning the inventory management for an organization.

We, at Crea8s offer the most efficient and feature-rich POS System Singapore completely customized as per the needs of our clients. By equipping our POS Singapore with advanced cash register, touch screen monitor, a receipt printer and a cash-drawer, we emphasize on delivering the best operational systems.

Delivering the most user-friendly ODOO Point of Sale Systems

To ensure that its clients can keep up with the global drive towards mobility, Crea8s delivers the user-friendly ODOO POS system with a smart interface and easy set-up. Our ODOO POS system can be easily used on laptops, Android tablets or iPads on both online and offline modes. By seamlessly integrating our ODOO POS systems with accounting and inventory apps, we ensure that all the transactions are immediately updated in the inventory which leads to better control over the inventory and operations of any organization. Invoice creation and customer service can be additional features which can be added to our ODOO POS system to augment its functionality.

Ensuring that you always stay connected with your customers

Comprehension into customer behaviours and buying patterns can prove to be extremely useful for companies looking forward to retain and enhance their customer base, and our ODOO POS System Singapore is the right tool you can use to gain these insights.

By equipping the POS systems with unmatched loyalty programs and registering customers with POS systems to monitor their buying habits, we ensure that you can use your ODOO POS systems to both mail or email loyal customers about offers while rewarding them with loyalty points.

Enhancing productivity with feature-rich ODOO POS Systems

Our ODOO POS systems are well equipped with some utmost and advanced features which augment the productivity and efficiency in your organization. The interface is always simple, beautiful and easy to use while these possess the capacity to simultaneously serve multiple customers by activating the multiple tickets in parallel. Also, we ensure that these systems are capable of performing haste searches, faster product scans, quick information access pertaining to products and swift browsing through hierarchical product categories.

Delivering extensive in-store customer services

Our ODOO POS Singapore solutions are the most exhaustive systems capable of delivering extensive in-store customer services. We understand that your customers are your most vital assets and thus, we deliver them a positive shopping experience by helping you improve your services.

There are a variety of in-store services required by your customers including handling refunds, plan order deliveries, following customer claims, tracking warranties and following the repair schedules. We aid our clients take their sales to a next level altogether while delivering unmatched customer services.

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