HR DMS Training


“The Basic yet Most Important part of Success is Proper Training”

Overview of OpenERP OpenERP is a comprehensive but a free suite of contemporary business applications including Human Resources, Financial Management, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, Project Management, CRM and Sales Management. It provides extensive and integrated solutions for small to medium sized businesses that make management of different aspects of an organization relatively easier. HR DMS Training We, at Crea8s offer comprehensive HR DMS training which is intended for the professionals who want to gather the advanced knowledge about OpenERP and how to manage the payroll and document using OpenERP. However, the scope of training is not limited to only these issues and it offers an extensive understanding of OpenERP installation, configuration, customization, Human Resource Management, recruitment process, salary structure configuration and many more. We have been delivering OpenERP HR DMS training for years across various destinations in the world. We recommend this training for the OpenERP integrators who are relatively new to the world of ERP and are looking forward for developing a strong footing in this technical landscape. This training gives such professionals a perfect platform to develop a profound understanding of the OpenERP development process and other imperative aspects related to it. We ensure that the participants learn all the important aspects related to HR DMS, including human resource management, DMS configurations, management of employee documents, static & dynamic directory management etc. We possess an extensive team of trainers who possess years of experience in HR DMS training and have spent years in dealing with live projects and customizations. Our trainers ensure that all the participants grasp the discussed HR DMS topics properly and get relevant hands-on experience during the training. Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced, and thus, ensure that the participants get optimum results from this three day course. Though this course, we aim to transform each participant into a learned professional with detailed knowledge pertaining to all the components of OpenERP and HR DMS. Duration of Training: 3 Days Objectives:

On the completion of this 3 days training program, you’ll be able to:

  • Knowing our successful installation and administration of OpenERP.
  • Become a knowledgeable OpenERP Consultant.
  • Develop a profound understanding of business process and functional concepts pertaining to OpenERP.
  • Perform the accurate GAP analysis for any business process.
  • Configure OpenERP through the standard modules.
  • Carry out smooth operations using OpenERP on a regular basis.
  • Perform changes in the front-end GUI easily

Requirements for the training

  • Bringing your own computing device (Laptop) is mandatory
  • You must install the latest stable version of OpenERP which you can access from OpenERP’s official website.
  • You must be aware with the laws of management processes and Enterprise Resource Management
  • An understanding of corresponding business processes will be helpful in understanding the concepts discussed in the training
  • The Business Analysis experience will be helpful for you in understanding the concepts discussed in the training

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