OpenERP Technical Training


“Excellence is an ART earn by Learning & Continuos Practice”

Crea8s offer extensive technical training services on OpenERP. OpenERP has become a vital tool today for the proper management of an organization’s tasks and resources.

OpenERP has become a widely used and popular framework today in small to medium sized businesses. One of the reasons is that the big players in the ERP arena like SAP and Microsoft offer a highly complex and comprehensive ERP system but fail to offer the flexibility and simplicity required by users from small or medium sized companies. Thus, for such businesses, OpenERP is serving as the perfect tool.

Due to modularity, the collaborative developments in this relatively new ERP technology, the OpenERP have been seamlessly and cleanly integrated, facilitating companies to choose from a wide array of available functions. As the demand for OpenERP is increasing, the requirement of professionals with profound knowledge of OpenERP is also augmenting.

So, we offer comprehensive training services on technical aspects of OpenERP that is a technical training on this organizational management software tool. Being a service based and customer oriented company, we pay great attention to the quality of services that we offer to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost objective, and thus, we indulge in every effort that leads us close to our organizational objective.

Duration of Training: 8 Days


On the completion of this 8 days training program, you’ll be able to:

  • Carry our successful installation and administration of OpenERP.
  • Clearly understand the architecture and development concepts of OpenERP
  • Develop a new module of OpenERP
  • Seamlessly integrate any third party tools with OpenERP
  • Deploy OpenERP appropriately for production with the apt server configurations

Requirements for the training

  • Bringing your own computing device (Laptop) is mandatory
  • You must install the latest stable version of OpenERP which you can access from OpenERP’s official website.
  • You must be aware with the laws of management processes and Enterprise Resource Management
  • An understanding of corresponding business processes will be helpful in understanding the concepts discussed in the training
  • The Business Analysis experience will be helpful for you in understanding the concepts discussed in the training

Topics Covered in Training

  • Opensource and ERP
  • Versioning Control System (VCS) known as Bazaar
  • Detailed discussion on MVC architecture of OpenERP
  • Detailed discussion about backend and automated processes which run on OpenERP
  • Module Structure of OpenERP and its key components
  • Steps and flow for creating an OpenERP module using simple and relational fields
  • Workflows and wizards in OpenERP
  • Reporting tools used in OpenERP: RML, Aeroo and Webkit
  • Validations, Constraints and Inheritance in OpenERP
  • Elements and their profound understanding in relation to module creation
  • Automated testing of OpenERP
  • Detailed understanding pertaining to administration of your ERP
  • Detailed understanding of how to connect to OpenERP through its web services and how to connect to OpenERP as third party tool.